The Au Pair programme is a great opportunity to live in another country, immerse in its language, culture and traditions. This programme is a cultural exchange experience. The Au Pair will live with a family and in exchange for some duty hours, 25-35 per week, looking after the children and doing some light housework, the Au Pair will receive full board, accommodation, pocket money and free time.

Programme main features

The Au Pair will be treated as a member of the family, both parts sharing their cultural background. The family will encourage the Au Pair to take part of their activities.

The Au Pair will help the family with their daily routines as another family member.

The Au Pair will be responsible for childcare as well as simple, light household duties. All of these will be clearly stated in the family / Au Pair agreement which will be signed prior to the Au Pair’s arrival.  In any case, Au Pair’s duties will be mainly childcare ones, and housework will be secondary in duty hours.

Benefits of using an AEPA agency

  • AEPA agencies interview host families and explain the programme in depth.
  • Provide support and advice all through the matching process till the end of the programme.
  • 24 hrs emergency helplines are available to both families and au pairs.
  • AEPA agencies fulfil legal requirements. We are not just Internet sites, though have an active presence in Internet, but have staff that offer personal advice and support to satisfy both our host families and au pair’s needs.
  • Our Au Pairs receive a welcoming pack including general useful and practical information, as well as info on language schools, how to contact other Au Pairs, social & cultural life in Spain, etc.
  • AEPA agencies offer support and advice in case of doubts, misunderstandings or problems. If the agency support were not enough, families and Au Pairs can request a change during first month stay (please check specific AEPA agencies’ terms and conditions).


The European Agreement on Au Pair Placement was signed in Strasbourg on the 24th of Novembre 1969. Spain signed it on the 24th January 1986. In this agreement, the European Council stablishes general terms and conditions for the Au Pair programme. You can read the original text here.

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