Easter in Spain


Easter is one of the most important and deep-rooted celebrations in Spain. Each region and place in Spain live these days in a religious and festive way. The streets of many  cities, towns and villages become the stage for religious fervour and devotion. Music, art and colour come together in magical processions – solemn parades in which crowds of people accompany religious images on their route through the towns.

Semana Santa

Spain its one of the favourite destination for many European travellers who  come and share this celebration with us. English, Italian, Germans, Finns, Irish, French and Swedish are the nationalities that prefer Spain for their Easter Holidays. Barcelona is the most visited city, followed by Madrid and Seville.

Don’t forget to visit another places in Spain with their special Easter week too:

  • The sober atmosphere in LeónZamoraSalamanca and Valladolid processions.
  • The Tamborada (drum-playing)  in Hellín (Albacete province).
  • Experience intense moments like those in Cartagena, Easter week in Lorca, Cuenca or Elche processions.

These are just some of the endless options. Come and discover these unique, truly Spanish traditions. They are real signs of Spanish identity and display an extraordinary cultural wealth that will live on in your memory forever.