International Au Pair Day

International Au Pair Day

November 24 has been established as the International Au Pair Day.

Because you deserve it!
Because you play an important role for your host family!
Because of the responsibilities you take with the kids!

Let’s celebrate! From AEPA we want to celebrate it with all of you. We have organized, together with BeMadrid, a meeting with all the au pairs who are in Spain. It will be the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of November.

What’s the plan?

We will start the night going to have some tapas and cañas in one of the most popular bars in Madrid then we will move to one of the most famous clubs in Madrid to celebrate the day in which you are all the protagonists.


Who’s invited?

All the au pairs who have come with an AEPA agency but also your friends who have come without any agency. However, for AEPA au pairs to participate in the event is free!

In case you are not living in Madrid…How to travel to Madrid?

Madrid is very well connected with all the Spanish provinces by train and bus. The train from many of the provinces takes only a few hours.

BlaBla car is a safe way to travel and a good option if you want to save money.

To buy TRAIN tickets:

If you want to travel by BUS:

Where to spend the night in Madrid?

BeMadrid makes us several proposals. Please, visit the link to see them.

We hope you all can participate. Advise your host families as soon as possible so that if necessary they can give you extra free time. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Thank you for taking part in this cultural exchange programme!

Lets #EnjoyMadrid! #AEPAAuPairSpain

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I AEPA Au Pairs in Spain Photo Contest

I AEPA Au Pairs in Spain Photo Contest

AEPA Presents the first photography competition for foreign au pairs in Spain.

Who can participate?

Any au pair who is participating in the Au Pair program in Spain with one of the agencies belonging to AEPA during the period of the contest may participate.

What is the contest period?

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