Our aims and objectives are:

  • To set up the standards for the Au pair industry in Spain which will benefit the cultural exchange and will result in a satisfying experience to both families and Au pairs as well as protecting both parts’ interests.
  • To develop the Au pair programme in Spain, as well as liaise with Spanish government and official institutions to encourage them to recognise the Au pair programme as a cultural exchange one, and to create a common framework as already exist in other European countries.
  • To support the role of au pair agencies, establishing a professional and experienced network of agencies who believe that self-regulation is the best way to keep high standards within our sector.
  • To establish a code of conduct which will protect all the participants: families, au pair and agents.
  • To increase public awareness about AEPA and its members as well as supervise our member’s conduct. We will check and follow up any complaints on our agency members.
  • To defend our interests before the Spanish government and embassies regarding strategic issues related to the Au pair programme.
  • To follow present legislation and be updated on legal changes which may affect the Au pair programme, as well as proposing changes and improvements to the relevant government institutions.
  • To provide families and au pairs with our agency members’ directory so they can request their professional services.
  • To guide and support our member to achieve high quality standards, as well as support families and au pairs.
  • To build a productive network among our members, sharing our knowledge and expertise to improve our standards in benefit of not only agencies but also families and au pairs. This network will be fostered in annual meetings, seminars, etc.

All agency members work together to promote this cultural exchange programme, firmly believing in the benefits that brings to our society:

  • It benefits youngsters worldwide and contributes to better understanding among different countries and cultures as well as language learning.
  • It allows young people to travel around and learn languages as it is a cheap option.
  • It benefits Spanish families as it is an economical and effective tool to reconcile work and family life plus an opportunity for their children to learn a foreign language.
  • The stay of foreign young people in our country will benefit our economy as a result of their general expenses: language lessons, tourism, shopping and so on.